pondělí 30. března 2015

To my king...

My heart is broken.
So broken.
I hate so much to say "Goodbye"
It's the worst feeling ever.
It takes away everything you love.
This feeling draws you away from the people you love, and the poeple you need the most.
The sensations of "never again" kills me at this moment.
I have to accept it, and remember you and all the joy you brought to our lives. I'm sorry we couldn't help you. I hate the world right now. For the simple fact that you didn't feel important enough. But you were. You were the best thing, Zayn. You were there in every song. The perfect voice. The best high notes. You, our shy boy. Without you, there's now two different directions and i hope your is the best for you. But without you a part of us leaves. Without you isn't the same.
"I will always love you."

Thank you . . . 

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